John and Dina Johns bookend artist James Hubbell and Mary Coakley Munk in front of the Ocean Discovery Institute’s new Currents gate — accompanied by students of the City Heights facility.(COURTESY)

Ocean Discovery Institute honors the late Walter Munk

A new gate, designed by artist James Hubbell, was unveiled Nov. 12 at the main entry way for the Living Lab, the latest structure opened at the Ocean Discovery Institute in City Heights. Donated by La Jolla residents John and Dina Johns, the Currents Gate honors late Scripps Institution of Oceanography legend Walter Munk.

“If Jim Hubbell and Walter Munk can navigate life’s currents and achieve so much, then our students must know that they have the prospect of doing it, too,” said John Johns at the dedication. “Jim’s artwork and Walter’s legacy — as represented in the Currents Gate — will be a daily reminder of what is possible for all who enter through it.”

Built in partnership with the San Diego Unified School District and opened in September 2018, the Living Lab enables Ocean Discovery to reach all 10,000 school-age children in City Heights, encouraging them to explore science and conservation.

“Walter was always about sharing the ocean with children of all ages — which is exactly what Ocean Discovery does,” said Munk’s widow, Mary Coakley Munk, at the dedication.

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